Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Andrew Terhune, "Eileen & I"

Andrew Terhune

Eileen & I

We cling tightly
to the left margin,
Eileen and I.
Leave the gutter
clear of debris
and let white
space cover both
sides of the fence.
This process, or
whatever we’re doing
here, reminds
me of my uncle
Alan and how
he danced voodoo
around his
plumbing truck,
trying to resurrect
what’s long gone
and dead – and
how he
loves Bob Dylan.
Sometimes we
enter the page
and get so turned
around that we
walk backwards
and sideways
but ultimately
we just


Andrew Terhune is a proud representative of the displaced South in Chicago, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. His poems can be found in Columbia Poetry Review, Glass, O Sweet Flowery Roses, and online at

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