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Richard Kostelanetz, “One-Letter Changes”

Richard Kostelanetz


—for Emmett W. & Ann Noel

Abject object.
Add and.
Affect effect.
Aim aid air.
Antic attic.
Appeal appear.
At it.
Attach attack.
Auspicious suspicious.
Bad bid bud bod bed.
Banish vanish.
Bare barf.
Bark dark.
Bashes bushes.
Bat bit.
Be me.
Bear near.
Beat best.
Beet beer.
Beg big bag bug bog.
Belief relief.
Bend band bond bind bund.
Best bust.
Best rest jest.
Bets bits.
Better bitter butter batter.
Bid big biz.
Bilk silk milk.
Birth mirth.
Bit bet yet?
Black block.
Blame flame.
Blank black.
Bleep sleep.
Blink blind.
Bloat float.
Blonder blinder blunder blender blander.
Blown brown.
Blue slue.
Blur blue.
Boar roar.
Boast roast coast.
Boat book.
Book nook.
Boor boar.
Boot book.
Boot foot.
Born bore.
Bout gout.
Bow wow.
Boy toy.
Brain brawn.
Braise praise.
Breed bread.
Bribe tribe.
Bright fright.
Bring brine.
Brook crook.
Brothel brother.
Buffet buffer.
Bull bill boll bell ball.
Bum rum.
Burgle gurgle.
Buss boss.
Busy bust.
But cut rut nut.
Buys guys.
Bye bee.
Cable fable.
Came lame.
Camp came.
Canister banister.
Caps cops.
Cat sat.
Cave save.
Champ chump.
Chance change.
Changes charges.
Chart charm.
Cheap cheat.
Cheat chest.
Chose close.
Clasp class.
Clean clear.
Clips slips.
Clique claque.
Cloud clout.
Clown crown.
Coal foal.
Collars dollars.
Cold gold.
College collage.
Colt coon.
Come comb.
Come home.
Comfort comport.
Commence commerce.
Commend command.
Compliment complement.
Confirm conform.
Contest content context.
Contest content.
Contrasts contracts.
Convert concert.
Cool coal.
Cool cook.
Core bore.
Cost most.
Coy boy.
Crab crap.
Crap crop.
Crash clash.
Crash crush.
Creak break
Crop drop.
Crotch crouch.
Crude prude.
Cruel gruel.
Cute cure.
Dead deed.
Deal dear dead.
Decide decade.
Defined refined.
Devoted, demoted.
Disk dish.
Distract district.
Do so.
Dog hog.
Dole done.
Don't, won”t.
Done gone.
Dual duel.
Dumb dump.
Dunk sunk.
Eats ears.
Engage enrage.
Enslave enclave.
Erect elect.
Esoteric exoteric.
Exorcise exercise.
Face fact.
Expect expert.
Expensive expansive.
Faction fiction.
Fail mail bail.
Fame came.
Fart fare.
Fast fist.
Fawn pawn.
Fate gate.
Feel fuel.
Fell well.
Felt melt
Fender bender.
File film.
Finds funds.
Fish dish.
Fixes foxes.
Flatter blatter.
Flee flea.
Foam moan.
Fob foe for fog.
Fobs fibs.
Foist hoist.
Foot boot loot.
Fore gore.
Foul fowl.
Free tree.
Fucks ducks.
Funk junk.
Gathers fathers.
Get bet set let yet met?
Give five live jive.
Glass class.
Glean clean.
Glee flee.
Gloom bloom.
Go do.
Going doing.
Gold golf.
Goo coo.
Good food.
Good food.
Goose moose.
Grain groin.
Grand grant.
Gross cross.
Grow grew.
Grown groan.
Guess guest.
Had mad.
Hairy fairy.
Halt salt.
Hard hand.
Hare mare.
Has gas.
Haste waste.
Hate date.
Have hate.
Have, gave.
Hazy lazy.
Hear heat.
Hear year.
Heart heard.
Heed need.
Height weight.
Her hem.
Hire sire fire tire wire.
His has.
Hit hot hat.
Hoist moist.
Hone home hole.
How now?
Huge Hugh.
Hugs rugs.
Hunk honk.
Ill oil.
Imminent immanent.
Indolent insolent.
Ingenuous ingenious.
Inject infect.
Injured insured.
Internal infernal.
Invent intent.
Invest inverti nvent.
Is in.
Jiggling juggiing.
Joke yoke.
Jowl howl.
Just must.
Keep deep seep beep.
Kind king.
Lace mace.
Lap map.
Large barge.
Last list.
Lead read.
Lean loan.
Leaven heaven.
Ledge lodge.
Left heft.
Like lime lice.
Lime limp.
Literary literacy.
Live life.
Load lead.
Loam foam.
Loll roll.
Look loot.
Loose noose.
Lore lord.
Lose lone love.
Lost most.
Loving living.
Luck fuck.
Lug log.
Lust lest last list lost.
Lynch lunch.
Made mode.
Major mayor.
Make cake.
Male make.
Mane cane.
Mash mush.
Massages messages.
Mature manure.
Mean moan.
Merry berry.
Metal medal.
Milks miles.
Mime time.
Miss mass moss muss mess.
Moat boat.
Mod med mad mid mud.
Moo zoo.
Moor moon.
Moose mouse.
Moral mural.
Most must mist mast.
Move more.
Mull mall mill.
Mum mom.
Munch lunch.
Mute mate mete mite mote.
Mutt mitt.
Nay say.
New now.
Next nest.
Nick neck.
Noodle doodle poodle.
Nod not now.
Numb dumb.
Nurse purse.
Odd add.
One eon.
Onion union.
Other ether.
Overhearing overbearing.
Owe own owl.
Pack puck pick peck pock.
Paid pain.
Paints points.
Palm balm.
Pass piss puss.
Pea sea.
Peach leach.
Peak peek.
Pet pen.
Photographs phonographs.
Pig big dig.
Pitted petted putted potted patted
Plan play.
Play slay.
Plump clump.
Pocket socket rocket.
Policy police.
Portage postage.
Pout pour.
Prevent present.
Price pride.
Print paint.
Prison poison.
Produces products.
Promise premise.
Propositions prepositions.
Protect protest.
Proto photo.
Put out.
Put pat pet pot pit.
Qualify quality.
Quick quack.
Rail rain.
Rain ruin.
Rain vain pain.
Rambling gambling.
Rape rope.
Reach beach.
Reach roach.
Read dead.
Read road.
Real read.
Ream roam.
Reap rear.
Rear roar.
Receive deceive.
Received deceived.
Reckon beckon.
Reed seed weed deed.
Refer defer.
Reflect reelect.
Relief belief.
Reside beside.
Resort report.
Retards regards.
Rich rice.
Rim rum.
Ring rung.
Roan moan.
Roil roll.
Roof goof.
Root soot.
Ropes dopes.
Rose nose.
Rough cough.
Round sound.
Row raw.
Rude ride.
Rupture rapture.
Ruse rise.
Sad dad nab lad.
Safe sage sake.
Sage saga.
Salt malt.
Same game.
Same sane.
Save gave.
Saves raves.
Say saw.
Score scope.
Seductive reductive.
See pee.
Seers seats.
Sell tell.
Send sand.
Sent went.
Sever sewer.
Shape shale.
Share shake shame.
Sharp shark.
She sue.
Sheep sleep.
Shelf sheet.
Shift shirt.
Ship slip slop.
Shit snip.
Shock stock.
Shoe shot.
Shoot short.
Shop shoe.
Shore whore.
Short shirt.
Shot shit.
Shot snot.
Shows shoes.
Sift gift.
Silk milk.
Simple pimple.
Sin sun.
Sing ring.
Sing song.
Skip ship.
Slight blight.
Slim skim.
Slow show.
Slow slew.
Slut slot slit.
Snot snit.
Snot snit.
Snow shot.
Sold cold bold gold mold.
Some come.
Soon moon.
Sooth tooth.
Space spade.
Spoke smoke.
Stale stage.
Stave stove.
Stout shout.
Stow slow.
Strive strike.
Stuck stick.
Suck muck.
Sucker fucker.
Suffers surfers.
Sunny bunny.
Surd turd.
Sure sire sore.
Swan swam.
Sway away.
Sweet sweat.
Swim swam swum.
Tall ball wall.
Taught caught.
Teach reach beach.
There, where?
Thick think.
Thinks thanks.
Thinks things.
Thread threat.
Throat threat.
Thus this.
Tickle tinkle.
Tiff riff.
Tilt silt.
To do so.
Took look book.
Toon town.
Toot loot.
Tough touch.
Tour tout.
Toxic tonic.
Trash crash.
Trick truck.
Trip trap.
Trough though.
True tree.
Try cry.
Two too.
Type tape.
Vocation vacation.
Want wait.
Want went.
War was.
Warm worm.
Warning warming.
Water wafer.
Wealth health.
Weaves leaves heaves.
Weeding wedding.
When, whew.
Where whore?
Wherever whenever.
While white.
Whim wham.
Whose whore?
Why shy?
Wife rife life.
Wind mind.
Wise wish.
Wish wash.
Wishes dishes.
Woo too.
Word work.
World would.
Worry sorry.
Would wound.
Wow now bow.
Wroth wrath.
Wry spy.
Yawn lawn.
Yeast feast.
Yellow mellow fellow.
Yippie hippie.
Your dour hour sour pour.
Yule mule.
Zaps maps caps.
Zealous jealous.
Zoom doom.
Individual entries on Richard Kostelanetz’s work in several fields appear in various editions of Readers Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Webster's Dictionary of American Writers, The HarperCollins Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature, Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Directory of American Scholars, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in American Art, NNDB.com, Wikipedia.com, and Britannica.com, among other distinguished directories.  Otherwise, he survives in New York, where he was born, unemployed and thus overworked.

RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture, http://reconfigurations.blogspot.com/, ISSN: 1938-3592, Volume 4 (2010): Emergence

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