Friday, November 09, 2007

"Difficult Praise"

Difficult Praise: A Conversation After Robert Pinsky's "In Praise of Difficult Poetry"

This featured section of Reconfigurations presents a collaborative experiment via a Wiki (courtesy of

In April, 2007, during the first days of this journal's emergence, Robert Pinsky's "In Praise of Difficulty Poetry" appeared in Slate. The timing was apt and fortuitous, given the guidelines that were already circulating, calling for work for
Reconfigurations, Volume One: Contingency.

Meanwhile, on the
UB Poetics Listserv, a brisk conversation began in reply to Pinsky's essay. Six of the various folks who posted to that thread agreed to continue the discussion here: http://exqui-wiki-site.pbwiki.com/.

We hope you may find some pleasure in our difficulty.

Contributors: Catherine Daly, Halvard Johnson, Ruth Lepson, Tom W. Lewis, Thomas Savage, Gabrielle Welford.


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