Thursday, November 08, 2007

John M. Bennett, "chIRping"

John M. Bennett
Ohio State University


gi ant s lumber gu // the f ran tic b ir ds
erine the rive r st // he crust in g at my e
Ax mAILed yr xtiAN // yr ,FINal bLAST ,ne
,nUMb fLAG ,DEad // an fOg eXpell ,like tr
at me I gAgged my // sACKs or lUNg sPOOns
OU wERe lINt I neig // fLOOd sUGar you de
,cROWder than ,nap // tion HIll ,DEep nug
hAT CRUst .oscILLa // PED the bLISTer in yr
GUTs in the fORk a // HED .an dEEPer tHAn
PLOYed like wAFFle // sLEEve an sOtted y
or ,gNAsh yr legs // preceDENT you BLUst
OUT lickED beyWEen // fLOPping at tHE gATe
at cr is ping f a ke t all s // all t he synt
ye an g listen to // sh my thr oat l is t

John M. Bennett has published over 300 books and chapbooks, among the most recent are LA M AL and BACKWORDS. He published LOST AND FOUND TIMES for 30 years, and is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at Ohio State University.

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