Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vernon Frazer, "Front Line" & "Vehement Treaties"

Vernon Frazer

Front Line Action

Splendiferous entreaties
hobnailed at incarceration’s behest
queases lunchtime savagery
with cold omnibus flutes
& a rebus attuned to accordions
booted and re-till gurgitation
becomes a metric procedure
offered as pederastic dentistry
serving fossils for the mind
a ledger of biased scrutiny
tilting mills in the overturning wind
effluvial photogravure a consonant
burning independent from its rotors
or foetal gyration articulated
under the verisimilitude of pom-pom trees
horned with legible vendors
lapsing the cornucopia’s verb form
to frontal indenture as mental urge
seized its cache for vagrant dollars
wishing for tissued formats
under the chromatic veils
throttling the chests of unwanted entities
treasured for their tenuous doubloons
and shuffle board revival entries
scuffling in the arid sun
admixture ruffling clarified beatings
insomniac mantras lift the blackened sky
rendering the railway seating
naked as a blue caboose
under the weight of a sailing crib
wailing caterwaul sanctuaries
curbside bibs outnumbered & rank
as true thirst on a camel’s laundromat
extending first rights to the privileged
wary of unbidden gifts
the taste of horses in their mouths
a wooden memory lasting as plastic
where former beauty fails its ploy
for a cacophonous coarse inaction
better dreaded than forced
the diaphanous spread of eagled mentors
winging their statements forth with
canticle leaflets proclaiming past destinies
from an orthopedic perspective
mired in plastic casualties

Vehement Treaties

Chamomile torso vouchers
indenture under time. Duress emblazons
its sublime appeal in chrome.
A climbing intonation extracted the time
when feelings once counted
as alphabet. Splenetics praising
incumbents collapse the mountebank
down the motor hall. Enamored,
the crawling incipients gather splendorous
treaties, hedging their best. All the rest
took amber sealant. Convection
scourges west to the recipient’s horizon,
where low ceilings become a glue.
The tender flume enlightens fabric animosity.
A statuary quest conceals the frights
dextrose confers on ample fragments,
no course undue. A reference cruises
across the weight of ladder camps
bellowing hoarse reprieves to
its lattermost rotation, where devices
clamp vectors. Slashes cross the pit
where conundrums go to puzzlement
befit the punishment’s line, at best
a wafer scoundrel. A more abundant
concourse grapes their arbor
amid bevel tests. The zeal sealants
varicose as saturation pointers
trained to gray matador tablets
flail the ledge before carnal pursuit
engenders them. Fancifully blended
anchovies intent ultraviolet lampoons.
Urban legends posing against the strata
forklift dividends. To melodies ringing
ancient vendor data held against
velcro, scofflaws tick amulet crossings
against the tirades of a loose amusement.

Vernon Frazer has published eight books of poetry and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Big Bridge, Drunken Boat, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Mad Hatters Review, Moria, Miami SunPost, Otloiths, Prague Literary Review, Sidereality, Xstream and many other literary magazines. His web site is
http://vernonfrazer.com. His most recent works are the long-poems "Holiday Idylling," "Avenue Noir," and IMPROVISATIONS, the now-completed work that he introduced in his 2001 reading at the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church. Frazer is married and lives in South Florida.

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