Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dan Thomas-Glass, “Dunkalectics”

Dan Thomas-Glass

crunch-time hurts samples
going head 4 ball
playoff games mysteriously disappear from Chinese television
Paul worked
clock leaped
field dished
paint nailed exploded
Superman disappear
haul jumper
crunch years shots
superstar doubles superstars
ol’ broken ditched man
marks crunch
Score guy
depth disappears
pass Imagine passive
Manhood kicked
line idea
seldom slightly-above-average
guy ball blatantly
shoot hard
mildly better
slow win
break system
owners line muscle mirrors
terrible illusions
looking destroying working feeling recurring
Magic disappears
penned suit
quote Profit
score money delusion money
money crunch
choke Russell
accept accept accept
inspire video zone radio TV
wrist Bonner
competition performed
peek constant hands gasping
Sometimes quoted Love
scoring fears ineptitude
hard pressure shove
Lewis disappear
come constitutional instinct
stat maddening deal
flowery rhymes
story Dominate swore tape
written stacks MVP
crying beat girth
flexed giant forever
mighty ignored
stretching Spectator green game machine
liar age
Whopper Stories promise antsy
first silent tape
intentions attitude contract
writes trouble
fouls disguise
superior stint attack
doubled poor-scoring
overcome flow
Meltdown Disappear
bigger outside-in bench
wings sacrificing shooting compared minutes stuff assists
singled detriment super-scorer touches Bulls
tempo pass/shoot kick-outs gym penetrate
muscled positioned improvisation
cameras loss heated verbal jawing
stop stop stopping
funny guys express doing team scream
doing laugh action
endless intrigue made-for-Hollywood
Paul soft marginal rest
stunning imprint
minded injured
to not disappear
now swollen injured suckered glistening
knocking minutes literally
leading built beauty air
winning time
injure hiding seriously
blowing liability
hurting damage
feels line
deal greatness pain
things played
cry letters
slow anybody
younger critics
three victory shot heads
How to Disappear Completely
performance victory size
control Center must best-of-seven
best-of-seven backs forward
push breathtaking flirted run
stretch victory
taut blowout
dished thuggery
happy staff
Bad-footed stubborn sweaty followers
investigate disappearance
perplexed going sag
looked guided
first happier watches growth
might disappear
passion phenomenal
Bob blowing player
pulled crazy night
franchise desperately Brawl
Company map
love restrained handshakes
dirty cheap expletives
ejected dirty caught ejected throat Bulls
struggling ropes
jaw have must have stupid
lose hummingbirds
blown suffered record fail back
guys body capable
capable bipolar pretty
final cruise scored positive
loss wrap show blueprint
teams Heat way silly times
home creaky jacked
do tricky
bring walk return
flash seed run snuffed frustrated seed eliminated seeds
sides rallied
staged marketing
aired lambaste
shots side shots Nothing
staff nowhere nowhere chip
Boy grips Thunder
night Heat Potential
victory idle
New open Arena News flared
shelved condition
shelved shut
insisted burnish grit-and-spit limitations
leap recriminations
faithful witness
class tattoo irony
Morning debacle
alpha-male closed buts
road home
Center heartbreak heart pounding paying splinter
situations images
hard Patty choice
forget play hit pick
talking clock personnel
the disappearance of
team Phil Tyrone challenge
assistant average trips
occasions toughest shooters
system hand contract
guys guy
turnaround huddle
behind facing hands drained Parker
banks bigger not feel
pull illusions
came felt gave Commercial
vanquishing franchise
stunned celebrating movie
Gary Europe beyond clear
Curly ball
play chance
frothing Heaven Herald ‘breakfast’
unduly presumptuous sumptuously good breakfast
energy bit
tough lunch
defeat following survivor
Beating define doubt
worth loss
honestly growth hope Band-Aid
compete cynicism
grow positions
fabulous Rod doing guys
guys waste floor Heat
aging pin key
well ball tied
load ball
ball nice
ultimate gun ball wealth
Grew beanstalk crunchtime
beat moves ladder
opened squeezably
one-handers two back exhilaration
pulled down
blessed young early grow
flickered nice
fewer greatness
better best charge face
might beat inspiration
spark bloated beat annihilated column
immensely firmly fold
keen long material
old makeup
heading doesn’t-get-it-ness paid glory
much Johnson stunk humiliation
anybody inconveniences change
respond career stature rules
principles model thing
ads Godzilla tired
worse beloved enigmatic heroic okey-doke
swore limp Paul
Closing drive anew
crutch killer
trail flat unfiltered
leap grown pivotal physical hard
in ground our off glorious wish
court snowflakes sock-‘em
able intangibles battle end
franchise-record fast-break stops
run back critical
insists tonight
lines resemble staircase
point hinges view defining sorry
myself legs asserted done
guards silky sexy youth
pitted schooling pile
death elders beauty peek
bull-rush not himself
fight push uncertain move
close owns members businesses
finances built plan appears
owners permission Honda
question Anaheim
disappear today.
Dan Thomas-Glass is, unfortunately, a Warriors fan.  His work has recently appeared in Little Red Leaves, Volt, Armed Cell, Try, and as part of the Poetic Labor Project.  His third chapbook Kate & Sonia (in the months before our second daughter's birth) is forthcoming in early 2012 from the Little Red Leaves Textile Series.  He edits With + Stand in the East San Francisco Bay Area.
RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture,, ISSN: 1938-3592, Volume 5 (2011): Disappearance  

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