Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mark DuCharme, "The Unfinished"

Mark DuCharme

The Unfinished

The ghost-buildings are still here
We don’t know a way to address them
They stare at us yes really stare
They will never go away

To go away, at the onset of speech
To stare with ghost-window-eyes
To be truly naked in the telling
Or speak, at the onset of being dreamed

If you dream. If you speak. If you
Enter ghost-space (language is a ghost)
The space of the story that you weave
To enter or depart

Depart in hunger of words apparitionally
In economies of having been seen
Depart in violent day-rhythm lurking
While mislaying the proportions of the shadows of the bees

The Unfinished

The scar is what we imagine it
To be. The light goes scarcely
Through wind. When you sear
Or scare, you can disappear
Into wind in a parallel
Motion to its
Trace. The plan is to seed
In bloom of thought
Embedded. That’s not true; you are
Embodied, &
The thought is you. Appear then
In necessities of sight, &
Move as love, into darkening light.


Mark DuCharme’s newest book of poetry is Answer (BlazeVOX, 2011).  His previous print books include The Sensory Cabinet (BlazeVOX, 2007), Infinity Subsections (Meeting Eyes Bindery, 2004) and Cosmopolitan Tremble (Pavement Saw, 2002).  The Found Titles Project was published electronically in 2009 by Ahadada (  The latest of his many chapbooks is The Crowd Poems  (Potato Clock Editions, 2007).  In 2008 he began a writing project called The Unfinished, parts of which have appeared in Blue & Yellow Dog, Colorado Review, Eleven Eleven, Eratio, New American Writing, Poets for Living Waters, Or, Otoliths, Pinstripe Fedora, Raft and Word for/Word.  He lives, works in and teaches near Boulder, Colorado, and has recently launched a Web site:

RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture,, ISSN: 1938-3592, Volume 5 (2011): Disappearance 

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