Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mary Kasimor, Three Poems

Mary Kasimor

the cat’s spoons
fill the thermos full of
breath bright
delusion beheaded
the roses a waxen
sigh of dawn
to do
to do
lower the bodies collect
the cats
spoons of the working class
press the star
into sugar light this
is the fall the work
as outline in
the manual of food
herbal outposts
for loan
the monster shuffles another
minute a broken
sequence of undivided
attention claiming
the skin the monikers
of choice mark
the steps of diesels way
with escape & passage
the fungi bones
fall from the sky in cardboard
the same today from
jealous exits
faults at 5:00 am
& hazards the
standards of blase

when midnight wailed


micro-chip the brain
bad hair answers justice
seeping out another justification
for computers
the principle
matters nothing else

you are for it or
it doesn’t
exist of itself it
offers itself
as the lamb
of god the crimson

river flows this
binary movement
the invasion the
paralyzed & crowded into cattle
cars timing each

death or escape
when it happens they are surprised
the momentum
of cotton so they
divided the freedom
each received
5% on the keyboard
thus inflating

the cost of sleep
are sleepless
civilization absorbing each

she stopped for coffee
& failed at her specially trained
breathing function leaves
the flaming
lungs behind neon

signs the android
operates in
unison flows down
the drain drive
thru opens for
the new

species a parade
transfers the stillness
& from sardonic tales
             posted early
is a
perfect match


Mary Kasimor: “I have been writing poetry for what seems like many years. However, whenever I sit down to write, and that is almost every day, I feel as though I am completely lost and beginning over. With determination, I always get something onto the page, and then I revise it and revise it again and again. I am almost always surprised at what I finally consider the finished poem. It is also my hope that I am finding some truth in my poetry, although I believe that each truth is based on the perception created by the words. Writing poetry is a wondrous process.”
RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture,, ISSN: 1938-3592, Volume 5 (2011): Disappearance

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