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John M. Bennett, "Poemages"

John M. Bennett



composite ,danced ,heaping ,“cha
nged” ,leap across the stinging
knee ,summered ,stunned ,sin ca
misa ,chumping ,ornitología ,alma
,mosca ,túnel ,blooms and thighs ,tum
ba ,mot ,shimmer ,toilet water
,dancetería ,glottis ,fumar ,your hee
l fog ,your nod rinse ,your lumbar

ash ,your ponding in the closet ,you
r itch meter smoking in the sink

I Saw

was I layered in yr neck was I
doubled in yr page was I
sandwiched in your lunging bag was I
melted in your pour was I
gasoline in your shouting dice was I
faucet in your instant moth was I

plenty on your boiler wrist was I
single in your fog position was I
numen in your mile was I
hunted in your shoelace was I

was I asked outside your ear was I


chaw an soap an lob an bright an
it’s an doubt an hall an howl an
ice an dit an gull an fungus an
temps an fenêtre an fog an fuel an
slot an sog an dunk an lit an
crash an jiggling in the suit an
fonar an fumar an finger an foot an
chopping an sort an clunk an hock an
caw and craw an cock an quit an
sum an sweat an spill an dust an
flaw an see an send an clot an

John M. Bennett has published over 300 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. Among the most recent are rOlling COMBers (Potes & Poets Press), MAILER LEAVES HAM (Pantograph Press), LOOSE WATCH (Invisible Press), CHAC PROSTIBULARIO (with Ivan Arguelles; Pavement Saw Press), HISTORIETAS ALFABETICAS (Luna Bisonte Prods), PUBLIC CUBE (Luna Bisonte Prods), THE PEEL (Anabasis Press), GLUE (xPress(ed)), LAP GUN CUT (with F. A. Nettelbeck; Luna Bisonte Prods), INSTRUCTION BOOK (Luna Bisonte Prods), la M al (Blue Lion Books), CANTAR DEL HUFF (Luna Bisonte Prods), SOUND DIRT (with Jim Leftwich; Luna Bisonte Prods), BACKWORDS (Blue Lion Books), NOS (Redfox Press), D RAIN B LOOM (with Scott Helmes; xPress(ed)), CHANGDENTS (Offerta Speciale), L ENTES (Blue Lion Books), SPITTING DDREAMS (Blue Lion Books), ONDA (with Tom Cassidy; Luna Bisonte Prods), 30 DIALOGOS SONOROS (with Martín Gubbins; Luna Bisonte Prods), BANGING THE STONE (with Jim Leftwich; Luna Bisonte Prods), FASTER NIH (Luna Bisonte Prods), and RREVES (trans. by Philippe Billé; Editions du Silence). He has published, exhibited and performed his word art worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He was editor and publisher of LOST AND FOUND TIMES (1975-2005), and is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries. Richard Kostelanetz has called him “the seminal American poet of my generation.” His work, publications, and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art, and other major libraries. His PhD (UCLA, 1970) is in Latin American Literature.

Ars Poetica: “Be Blank”

John M. Bennett
137 Leland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214 USA


RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture,
http://reconfigurations.blogspot.com/, ISSN: 1938-3592, Volume Three (2009): Immanence/ Imminence

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