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Mark Prejsnar, "transmetadata map"

Mark Prejsnar

a transmetadata topic and form map for the nonreductionistic interdigitation of hyperpostmodern poetry modules

(work in progress)



The following performative architecture definitions reflect standards and base notation regarding the actual habitability of different wave-length objects, utilizing an unlimited number of set points for poetic side-expressive junctures, as may be mapped across a continuum of past-derived future or time-stream possibilities. This contains the need (and indeed the ability) to enable navigational tools--such as indexes, cross-references, citation systems, glossaries, haiku, plays, novellas, sonnets, pantoums, and other 4-dimensional quasi-informational ranking objects and forward-relational linkages.


Approaches to realization

Initial topographies suggest that all verbal rational foldings contain within them a panoply of surface-like features, constant in effect & moving across cultural matrix shiftings, capable of modeling across verbal m-spaces all the permutations allowed by interiority as specified in guesstimational side-chain applications, expanded by index codings and improv evidential unhingings. These verbal rational unfoldings (and their irrational containments) have x number of sides, suggesting that the movement of older writings, in the absence of volitional or violent pairings opening out social place change modules, will hold referent couplings within a shell of semi-expressive definitional forms, just as if the package was delivered to the wrong house & a note left on the front door. If you attempt to calculate the torque that characterizes social isolation and material scarcity with a series of closed parameter hatchings, and then transform it by allowing it to blossom outward in an unannulled sequence of Denton-spaces, which are gauged by panlinguistic paramanipulations, each word grows at least 7 comprehendible but floridly misunderstandable dimensions. These are the starting points for the following interpolations.


first nonresolutions of isolate quantities

A number of nonpaper lexicographers have suggested that mapping dates as strings of nonevent or nonencounter parameters would yield a map of the disjunctive sociohysterical spaces that result from a Foreman disposition, which is a line of antiforce derived from urban matrices using quasiverbal structures of means and parings. The actual peregrination (as opposed to paragrinnings) of the physical body through essentially urban structures (the derive, or what Neruda analyzed in 1927 as “walking around,”) requires subgraphical captioning similar to that which characterizes a lost driver circulating in an endless suburb. By stretching phantasm-configurations into feral or iron-laden tranpositive verb systems, we can begin to list all the maze contours that would exist if closed laugh intervals were spliced into the cascade of whoosh formulae resulting from the slant/matrix equation and its use to clarify sociohysterical invoice articulations placed along public thoroughfares at predtermined distances. Theory at this point becomes an analogue of quiet desperation. Along a flat 2-dimensional space, the release of word-like transformative columns presses against the limits imposed by single-dimension social exigencies, and the resulting sandwich or hair-trigger theorom can be used to underdetermine the functionality of slow cultural paradigm distention as a method of comparing prepositional derailments in response to anomie or “screen flicker implosion.” (This has been theorized, in its early stages (see J. Minotaur 2003), as the “chicken hammer conjecture”).


second nonresolutions of isolate quantities

Bifurcation, symmetry and patterns all characterize the stochastic fractal geometry of prose inswervings, embedded in pomo backswing shadow hypothesis models, that are called differential and dynamic antipositionings. These matrices contain nontranspositional corings, or 5-dimensional semipostromantic lyrical mappings, which bend space. The quality of mercy is not strained but the control and modeling of composite notational apertures is, and results in categorical perspectives that eliminate Rilkean modality phalanges. The resulting instability has been suggested as the realm where combinatoric genre exercises branch into multiple trees of of infinite-length vizpo module resistances. This quality ultimately approximates the beginning parameters of intersection, deflection and collision theory, splitting enjambent lycanthropositional groups and semigroups into finite classes which then define noncredential paraharmonic hypergroup states. The highest of these states will be theorized in the next section of this paper, and is known as unreadability.

Mark Prejsnar has lived in Atlanta for the last 15 years. In 1997 he and John Lowther founded the Atlanta Poets Group, with whom they write, publish and perform throughout the south.

RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture, http://reconfigurations.blogspot.com/, ISSN: 1938-3592, Volume Three (2009): Immanence/ Imminence

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